about us

Shikleli Bāyko! Oh, is that Swahili? Or Japanese?” You might wonder. In plain Marathi, it means “an educated wife.”

The woman who inspired the name and the developed Shikleli Bāyko’s products is Prajakta Ajgaonkar, an architect and a computer graphics professional. Back in 2009, Prajakta used her own kitchen to handcraft a bouquet of artisan soaps, body lotions, lip balms and scrubs to surprise her mother-in-law with a special birthday gift. And so Shikleli Bāyko was born.

In addition to giving birth to a business, Prajakta is a loving mother to two adorable boys. She also works at being a successful entrepreneur, a good wife, a responsible daughter and an affectionate daughter-in-law. Fortunately she doesn’t have to do it alone.

In March 2014, Prajakta’s brother Kshitij left his job as a software professional and joined Shikleli Bāyko. Now the brother and sister duo is geared up to succeed in the Indian market with a wide range of body care products designed to suit Indian climes.

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